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myskullisred's Journal

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My mood varies quickly. I have a fascination with the smallest and weirdest things. I'm forgetful and foul-mouthed. I procrastinate a lot. I either talk too much or too little. I have problems paying attention. I'm shy and quiet. I love video games!!! It's hard for me to say hi, even to people I know. I like happy people but always attract the dysfunctional. I find that people who talk a lot are easier to get along with because I have trouble finding things to talk about. I love taking risks and adrenaline rushes. Drawing and photography are my hobbies. I want too much. I'm greedy with money. Dogs scare me, seriously, I don't want to be chased by one. I only love my own dogs. <333 Buy me stuff and I'll love you a lot. Nothing is more important to me than my family and bfffs (best fucking friends forever lol pineapple express I think). Once I set my mind to it, I can't be talked out of it hence, I'm very stubborn. I only listen to myself so if you try to change me, it's going to be hard as fuck. Don't try. I dislike a lot of things. It's easy for me to get happy, mad, or sad. I'm weak-minded. I make a lot of mistakes. I'm a perfectionist and I wash my hands with hot water. =] Oh, and I'm 14.
cupcake Pictures, Images and Photos

cupcakes Pictures, Images and Photos